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2017 - First Quarter Thread


We’ve survived the first quarter of the year so I guess now it would only be fitting to share around favourite releases as of now, predictions for what’s to come, or any other interesting thoughts of the year so far.

Personally, I think the year’s been a bit slow compared to previous in delivering quality releases (though to be fair, i dont have anywhere near the amount of free time i had last year to really dig into new releases) but i’m still very hopeful for whats to come. and still though, a lot of interesting stuff’s been popping around lately especially when we’re talking about EP releases. anyways, I’m expecting something really stellar to come out of Colin Stetson, Actress, and Arca in the next month. also dying to get some sort of news on Black Metal 2 from Dean Blunt and the new Cindy Lee, probably my most anticipated projects this year.

Album picks:

  • Bedwetter - Vol. 1
  • Cybervision Simulcast - SewerCity
  • Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
  • Nico Niquo - In a Silent Way
  • Sangam - Purpose

EP picks:

  • Black Merlin - Proto World
  • D.Dan - The Danger Zone
  • Hype Williams - Guccistreams 2
  • Mering & Rosenberg - Myths 002
  • P A T H S - Age of the Machine
  • Pure Violence - White Death EP

Track picks (one per release):

  • Animal Collective - “Jimmy Mack”
  • Bedwetter - “Stoop Lights”
  • Cybervision Simulcast - “Last Stand at Drainage Tunnel 22, Sewarage Man Blues”
  • D.Dan - “The Danger Zone”
  • The Flaming Lips - “Listening to the Frogs With Demon Eyes”
  • Hype Williams - “Gelato”
  • Hype Williams - “Skressed '17”
  • Irma Vep - “You Know I’ve Been Ill”
  • King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - “Billabong Valley”
  • Mering & Rosenberg - “On Another Day”
  • Mount Eerie - “Soria Moria”
  • Nico Niquo - “In a Silent Way”
  • P A T H S - “Hope Lost”
  • Pure Violence - “Dead Kids”
  • Sangam - “Fading”
  • Ty Segall - “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)”
  • Unfinished Portraits - “Closeness”
  • waterfront dining - “Stargazer”


By the end of March I’d listened, or attempted to listen to, 46 albums. These are the only ones I’d returned to 3 or more times

Kreator - Gods of Violence - 14
Overkill - The Grinding Wheel - 9
Foxygen - Hang - 8
Laura Marling - Semper Femina - 7
Pallbearer - Heartless - 4
The Magnetic Fields - 50 Song Memoir - 3 (although at 5 discs this paltry number is misleading )
Dropkick Murphys - 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory - 3
Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness - 3

Although I’ve since been playing the new Father John Misty album a lot.


This is a really weird, calculated way to listen to music


I listen to music digitally and use lastfm, it records this stuff automatically. I don’t put any effort into it!


That makes much more sense then haha


Eschewing the more visible and well-known releases, here are my best “under the radar” picks for the year so far:
Secret Shine - There is Only Now
Good Personalities - Together (EP)
Pom Pom Squad - HATE IT HERE (EP)
Danxia - Learn to Swim (EP)
Venn (US) - VENN (EP)
Middle Kids - Middle Kids
VENN (UK) - Runes
Snowball II - Flashes of Quincy

Happy listening!


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