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Approving Reviews?


I’ve been trying to submit several publication reviews for several albums and it says that my publication reviews are waiting for approval from a moderator. When I come back in, say, five minutes or so, the album publication review has been removed and I am now blocked from submitting publication reviews. For instance, I tried submitting this:

for Pablo Honey. But it keeps getting removed from the publication review page. Just an error?


Rolling Stone’s current design format uses red stars for their ratings. In the past, that review would say “unrated”. Here’s an example of how their ratings appear with their current format:

The other reviews were for reissues which we don’t attribute to the original albums. I apologize for not having a clear way to communicate why the ratings were rejected. This is something that could possibly be worked on in the future.


Makes sense now. Thanks!


For the record, you can once again add critic ratings. It was never going to be permanent, and I hope you didn’t take offense to it.


Certainly did not take offense. Was just confused. Thanks for clearing everything up!



I’m curious about the feature that allows users to cut and paste a ‘suggested blurb’ from a publication review. Do these often get approved by moderators and is the any mechanism to notify users if their suggestions were excepted? I am wondering because in a bout of obsessive time-killing I started making a number of suggestions but stopped once I realized that I wasn’t sure if this was an actual supported or monitored feature by site moderators. I would love to continue to contribute but I want to ensure its not time wasted. Thanks!


They are certainly monitored, but there is no notification that they have been approved. I’ve been out of town for the past couple of days so I’m catching up on things still.

Appreciate the contributions.