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Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up



Blew my expectations out of the water. To me, it’s not more of the same by them. Judging by the tracklist for the album, I feel like most of the songs will be quite long, with multiple movements like this one. I’m so excited; the lyrics are there, the instrumentation is there, and the heart is there.


I’m so excited, like really.


I can already see this album blowing all of my other scores of this year out of the water.


Can we remove some of those 0/10 ratings?? I know for a fact three of them are from the same user trying to deflate the score


I can look into it. Which are the three users?


‘random_kween’, ‘rayato’, ‘rymr’

They all have the same super high ratings for artists like Dua Lipa and Haim, and a zero score for Crack Up. It’s got to be one person


Also, alexpopov68 only has one rating and it’s a 0 for Crack-Up. And all of these zeroes are in a row, which looks fishy


Oh my. This is quite special.