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Suggesting a change to artist’s pages so that critic’s scores for EP’s, mixtapes, live albums, etc are also included in the overall critic score you see on artist’s pages. At the moment, it’s only gathered up from LP’s only.

Would be really nice to get something like this seeing as most electronic artists these days heavily focus their material on EP’s, therefore get most of their major reviews on EP’s - same can go for hip hop artists with mixtapes.


I’m open to it as long as there are no objections, but I don’t think live albums should be included. The majority of live albums contain material that has already been scored.

So I think this leaves Compilations, Box Sets, Live albums and Unofficial albums as types that shouldn’t be included. What about DJ Mixes and Singles?


DJ mixes should be a go too, knowing that quite a bit of artists now heavily focus their new material on those outputs as well.

I also agree that pretty much anything for the most part that has material repeated from other releases or isnt even authorized by the actual artist themselves (comps, box sets, unofficial)

Live albums and singles are sorta stuck somewhere for me though seeing that they’re always all over the place with the kind of material they provide. Artists like Burial would benefit from singles being included, but then you have some band like Muse where all of their singles listed on AOTY are all on albums anyway. You also have bands like Les Rallizes Denudes who only release live albums.


Made some updates for this today.

  • Both critic and user scores for artists now include LPs, EPs and Mixtapes (it’s a start)
  • Artist pages now show “Featured” albums by default. These are the three types mentioned above that are included in the overall score
  • The album type is displayed when viewing an artist’s discography by “Featured” and “All”

Let me know if you’re seeing any issues.


I don’t like both critic and user scores ,because EP and there aren’t as important as LPs.


Personally I do not like watching the LP and EP together.

Because people are interested in seeing LPs first.

And EP content tracks in LP


What do you think Rob?


I’m liking it how it is with the albums that count towards the overall score showing on the initial page load. Maybe I’ll section out LPs, EPs and Mixtapes on the initial page in the new redesign.

LP and Ep