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AOTY List Suggestions

Many members on AOTY manage many lists at a time and lists can easily get buried among each other. I wanted to compile a few ideas here.

List Organization:

  • A way to organize lists, very easily comparable to organizing playlists on Spotify, would be appreciated. Creating a feature that creates folders for lists could help organize lists slightly.
  • Along with folders, a feature that can custom order lists would be just as appreciated. Instead of the chronologically edited way lists are organized, a custom organization would be preferable (whether it be number ordered or moved up and down with arrows).
  • I would love it if when looking at lists if it would show the full release date and not just the year. This helps especially when creating a list that works chronologically. This specifically may not be a want for many users but the small change shouldn’t affect those neutral to the idea, only beneficial to those who want it.
  • The idea that I would assume would be a little more difficult to implement would be similar to the way that records are added to lists. A way to highlight reviews on your page. The idea came to me when I was looking at how empty the sides of my page appeared. I think it would be stellar if above the Album Discussion panel was a panel called Highlighted Lists where users could add lists they’d like to have on display. Any amount would be fine to add to this panel but displayed on your page I would assume 3 could appear and the rest would be on a separate hyperlink next to the title. If I am not making sense please just ask, I think this feature would be super appreciated by the community and if someone other than Rob is reading this, reply in agreement or disagreement to show whether any of these things are needed or not. The more Rob sees that we want something, the more influence an idea can have, the more preferable functionality we can have.

Hope you consider some of my ideas, thank you!


great shit, i feel like these would be helpful.