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Can't add proper Allmusic ratings

Site doesn’t let me fractional ratings from Allmusic (4.5, 3.5 etc).

It only accepts whole numbers like 4 translates to 80.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Add it in as the percentage. That is, 4.5(100) = 45, 3.5(100) = 35, etc.

Score must be between 0 - 5 for AllMusic.

says site

Oh shoot thought they did it out of 10. Hmmm, whats the album you are trying to add a rating for?

whichever album has 3.5 or 4.5 rating on Allmusic. Tried plenty of times with various albums. 4 stars ratings transfer to 80 here, 3 to 60 so it only works for whole numbers for some reason.

I alse see so many Allmusic reviews missing, not surprising if it’s broken

I have yet to find a missing one. Can you give me a specific example?

What sort of error are you getting when you enter 3.5 or 4.5? Hundreds of other users have been able to enter those correctly. Is it possible you’re using a foreign keyboard layout?

I does function now, congratulations.