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How do I report reviews that use slurs? I marked it as "low quality" but idk if that is reporting

let’s add these two to the list while we’re at it

rob i feel bad you have to deal with all of this
we need more mods


that’s not gonna happen, this websites a joke, dev’s not a proactive guy, but hey im glad i know what came out 20 years ago today! :roll_eyes:

Takes two minutes of reading to come to the conclusion that my comment was a sardonic remark about how much pointless drama you’ve stirred up since you’ve joined this website. Now you’re on the forums demanding people to be banned—granted I can’t defend cute, they’ve also been an edge lord the entire time since joining.

But please, ban me for making a voyeuristic masturbation joke. lol

i mean that’s just not true, i’ve been on this website for i think a year now and this is the only time something like this has happened. i’m rarely even active dude, what is the entire time

as for the rest of your comment i think it might help set the scene to say that xxjfiixfmijifsa’s rym account was banned and not self-deleted

Fair enough, maybe I just confused you for somebody else. And yeah, just google this dumb fucks name and see how much drama revolves around him. His, steam, etc. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he deleted his RYM himself but like who leaves RYM after being a user for so long just to join AOTY—it doesn’t make sense.

Godspeed to the dude though, he can continue his self-righteous march all he wants—just make sure your legs don’t give out before you make a difference broski.

Yeah, I’m very outspoken about not liking racist/phobic/pedo shit on ALL my accounts, which causes a lot of chuds to seek me out to troll me. If you think this is a problem and is “causing drama,” you’re part of the problem for NOT speaking out about it

Someone was trolling my list of nazi/racist/pedo artists on RYM, I told them to “grow up” and got banned lmao. What a joke! And yet people get away with slurs on there. It was the end of a long saga of mods mishandling assholes, and instead blaming the people REACTING to them for “starting drama.” Was hoping AOTY would be different…

and @lil_endianness, you know the joke was about jerking off to an adult man having sex with a child, it really looks bad trying to defend yourself there

i think regardless of how strongly whatever people feel about whatever politics, most people seeing this will have a more full understanding of what you’re like from that post

i’m fairly sure your mass downrating of discographies of bands you think are right wing whether they are or not and trying to shame people for liking them and aggressive attitude towards everything people said to you no matter if they were polite or not was a part of the ban

racism/phobic shit/pedo shit isn’t “politics,” idk why you’re bringing that up. i don’t like ANY album performed by people who engage in or support these things. i’ve never “mass downvoted a discography because i think someone is right wing whether they are or not” - ever

hilarious to hear the person calling people tr*nnies and talking about nuking anyone who’s offended by it giving me shit for having an “aggressive attitude” though, LMFAO

yeah, im extremely, extremely, extremely aggressive towards bigots like yourself, and anyone who would defend them

wow your ability to purposefully ignore everything that doesn’t make you look like the ultra righteous moral champion is incredible
not only have i said multiple times that tranny is not a slur and is a casual word where i am from and not only did i blatantly not say “nuke anybody who is offended” and not only did i blatantly make it blatantly blatant that it’s america in general, it was also blatantly not serious, and yet again you casually decide someone else is a bigot because they disagree with you
it’s also quite blatant what i mean by politics, please do not pretend like you can’t comprehend what i said
since your 0.5s aren’t by far your largest rating on your archived ratings from 2017 on sonemic i was probably confusing you with one of the other people who act like you do, and you are showing exactly what i mean by how you act quite, what’s the word, “blatant”

I don’t even fully disagree with you. The real problem here is your attitude. Your pedophile honey pot comment is absurd. Separating art from the artist doesn’t make anybody a sympathizer if the artist’s problematic aspects don’t seep into the art itself. You’re not going to change anybody’s mind by throwing around wild accusations and treating people complete idiots—all you’re accomplishing is backing people in the corner forcing themselves to double down and become even more aggressive.

If you’re actually interested in making a change why don’t you try to have a conversation and make an attempt to explain why using these slurs is actually offensive? A lot of users on the site are young—some may not even be exposed to the LGBT community outside of internet culture— and have no idea what impact such words actually have on people. All you’ve done is make yourself an easy target for trolling, leaving both your opinion and yourself a joke. At the end of the day, if there is drama perpetually revolving around you maybe you should take a step back and realize that you may be part of the problem

As for the joke: it had nothing to do with Bowie; It was about the state your thread, learn to read between the lines. It’s clear you haven’t even read the thread comments yourself.

I have nothing else to add to this pointless drama, all of you guys need to grow up.

yeah people using slurs against me is definitely my fault for not educating them enough, LOL! shouldn’t have to DISCUSS why derogatory slurs are offensive, it’s really fucking simple to understand. if someone doubles down on a racist/homophobic opinion they are beyond saving, and it’s definitely not MY FAULT for not being nice enough about it. get out of here with that shit. i am not personally responsible for educating ignorant people - they’re responsible for themselves

cute: it’s a slur, look it up, don’t care where your from, it’s a slur there too, stop fucking using that slur when talking to me. and get out of here with the “ITS JUST JOKES” argument, doesn’t make it any better in the context, which you’re completely ignoring lol, which was you getting angry that I was offended by a transphobic slur

a trans person is telling you it’s an offensive transphobic slur. they they are offended by it and uncomfortable with it. and you keep using it over and over again anyway. how the fuck can you argue in your own defense AT ALL here?

i do not consider myself an ultra righetous moral champion for not liking racism and homophobia. that’s a really fucking low bar to be honest. funny to hear that’s how you perceive what im typing though…?

@Rob can we get some kind of official response in here on racist/transphobic/homophobic slurs, this has been going on for a very long time now

tranny is not a slur, don’t care where you’re from, it’s not a slur, stop acting obnoxious when talking to me
i know what the context is, because i’m not sure if you remember this, but actually i was the one who posted it in the first place, at no point was i angry, meanwhile you were clearly angry the entire time. it was blatantly a joke and you violently vomiting everywhere doesn’t change that it’s blatantly a joke. you don’t get to choose that what i meant wasn’t actually what i meant

“a trans person is telling you it’s an offensive transphobic slur”
oh ok cool. it’s not a slur and it’s not offensive and it’s not transphobic

just another case of americans and canadians (americans) deciding that where they live = the entire world and everything is the same as they live
truly, america must be struck by meteors

yeah can we get a ban please

yeah in fact people should ONLY be banned for posting things which are blatantly not intended to offend anyone and is not bigoted in any way because ME, the Knower of All, has decided that there is NO SUCH THING as cultural differences and everything is the same EVERYWHERE. in fact we should ban EVERYONE who isn’t american as a precaution
NOBODY must disagree with me or you are BANNED

do you ever do anything with your life besides trying to look superior and trying to start fights

Closed to end the back and forth bickering that isn’t going anywhere.

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