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New Metacritic magazine

They don’t give a score for their reviews.

Yes rating score

Can you acept ratings (Q,Mojo,uncut)

Without links?

Metacritic and anydecentmusic put {April 2019 - page 123}

If possible?

Complex, one of the AOTY’s publications, have been providing scores in their album reviews again:

When you click “add critic rating” on a new album, the list of publications does not include Complex (it seems to be only included in the list for albums released in 2015 or earlier).

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Irish newspaper site that has 549k Likes on Facebook page, 44k followers on Twitter, as well as an additional 25k followers on Twitter (Culture version)
Online Music Publisher that has 24k Likes on Facebook page and 8k followers on Twitter

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Not sure if you saw my reply to the correction, but those are by Complex UK which is technically a different publication. At the time, I only saw a handful of reviews from them, but if they are going to continue putting out reviews, I can add them.


I didn’t see your response to the correction so thanks for your reply. I didn’t notice it was Complex UK, my mistake.

Could we get these publications added
Cryptic Rock:
Wall of Sound:
New Noise Magazine:
The Soundboard:
Ghost Cult Magazine:
Discovered Magazine:
Already Heard:

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I know I posted before, but got more sets here that are around the web:

Kerrang -
Upset -
Pretty Much Amazing -
ISNAG (Indie is Not a Genre) -
Spill Magazine -
Thank Folk For That -
The Irish News -

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Pretty Much Amazing are already included:

Huh, guess I’ve overlooked the list that I didn’t even noticed they were included :sweat_smile:

Here’s a few more I dug up today:
Entertainment Focus -
The Edge -
PopCrush -
Musikexpress (German language with a 6 star rating, easily translated) -

(This publisher below was always in my top results when searching for reviews)
The Arts Desk -


Couple more
Saving Country Music -
Elmore Magazine -

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Underground Hip Hop Blog -

Another couple of publications:

Review Page - (
Earmilk is an Online Music Publication that has over 140k likes and follows on Facebook.

Evening Standard -
A popular Free UK Newspaper that has significant followers.

Gigwise -
A British Online Publisher since 2001, has 73k likes on Facebook and 40k followers on Twitter.

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These should be added asap:

Record Collector:

The Times:

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Chicago Tribune:

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The Soundboard -
3 Songs & Out -
DEAD PRESS! (My personal favourite) -
NARC. Magazine -

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