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Number of ratings and reviews are different for no reason

My profile says I have 158 ratings and 157 reviews. Only a couple days ago I vividly remember having 150 and 150 so I checked my most recent albums and none of them are missing a review. I heard that maybe reviewing and rating a random album would reset the counter but it didn’t and I still had 1 more rating than review.


I have this kind of issue before so I thought it was a bug/glitch then, it turned out that it included rating for single too.

This was due to an album you rated having been removed from the site. It would have synced up the next time you rated something or the next time the updating script ran (I manually ran it now so everything should be good).

yeah it’s all good now, thanks.

I was told to update my ratings but it didn’t work last night when I tried it. Whatever you did must have fixed it though because it is back to 157 157. Thank you

This has happened to me again for the past week or so, but I don’t want to be an arse-pain by asking for it to be fixed over and over. Anyway you can set a macro to run every now and then? It doesn’t seem to correct itself like it used to.

Looks like you’ve reviewed these without rating:

You’ve rated this without reviewing:

I think that explains the difference.

Yeah I’ve sorted that now, but it’s back to a difference of 1 again. It’s super annoying - happens almost daily.

Any update on this?

I had yours fixed after the last post. Really not sure what you’re doing to cause this to continue to happen.

Fixed itself… now out of whack again… wtf! >_< wish I knew why!! @Rob ? As I said - happy to help fix if it’s something I’m doing. Just bemused.

Any ideas @Rob ?

@Rob it happened again. I went from 309 309 this morning to 309 308 now, and I didn’t remove any reviews or ratings

I feel like a potential solution would be to add a feature where you can see which reviews don’t have ratings and vice versa. At least that could help determine whether the discrepancy is an issue with the site or just mismanaging your review/rating count

This happened again to me