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Removing inactive or problematic accounts

4 100’s, 145 zeroes, all posted on the same day over a year ago.

I wish we could flag accounts like this for removal or at least review.


Being able to flag / report an account would be a nice feature. A moderation team could take care of this kind of thing so Rob is not bothered by every single request.


Similar issue here - this user rated every David Bowie release a 0 in a single day, and uses both their bio and shoutbox to foulmouth other users.


Every single David Bowie release fills me with visceral disgust. They’re legitimate ratings and my actual opinion, not a troll, or an attempt to artificially tank the ratings (which I have very little power to do anyway).

As far as “foulmouthing other users,” (??) there’s nothing in my bio like that, and my shoutbox is almost 100% other people trolling my profile unprovoked, so I have no idea where this accusation is coming from.

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Foulmouthing someone for trolling you is still not a good thing to do.

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are you really tryna defend transphobic trolls from being “foulmouthed” (what does this even mean)? I am not the problem here, and its silly as hell to accuse someone of being RUDE to bigots that are attacking and insulting them out of nowhere.

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He’s a horrible troll. He’s also like 32, he shouldn’t be foulmouthing people.

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^ yeah this guy is one of them, showed up to intentionally misgender me again. I’ve blocked him but he’s still following me around the site

it’s they, not he, but you already know that

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As someone who also goes by they/them, I had zero idea of this

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