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Stone Rising (Self Titled Debut) Released JULY 2019

Have a listen to the debut album by the independent Australian rock band Stone Rising. This album was recorded in early 2019 and has just been released to digital / streaming services worldwide. The album opens with a raucous guitar rock anthem “Waco City Blues”, a song about the spread of doomsday cults across religious and political landscapes, from Waco City to the world. Like a 45 is a fast paced tribute to vinyl records. Hell Yeah and Beaten Track are two swaggering potential singles. Little To The Left is a song about the political divisions being sown through society. Rollin’ is a thundering track about great weekends spent with friends, as is the 7th track on the album “Party With The Band”. As the album draws to its close, “Already Gone” is another fist pumping heavy rock song with great lyrics about fleeing danger. Track number nine, “Down” sets the scene for post apocalyptic unity in the face of a total collapse of civilisation before the album closes with the epic, 8 minute, meditative / climactic “Long Hard Road”. This album was recorded pretty much live in studio to 16 track / 2 inch reel to reel tape by a band that sounds exactly like the finished album when they play live. The order of the songs was carefully chosen to take the listener on a trip in the same way most classic rock albums do when there are no filler songs, as the band has been refining its art for a long time.