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Reviews witout *Reissue or deluxe edition


Hello Robert

I’ve been asking the magazine and I have reached a conclusion

There outlined magazine that when a special edition (reissue and deluxe edition) DO NOT PUT IN THE TITLE

but if you read the full review, you realize that talking about the reissue and bonus material.

This you should take this into account Rob.

It’s a suggestion.

For example pitchfork oasis review

Pitchfork Reissue Reviews

Hello Rob

See this

and reissue

this say pitchfork in e-mail “In general, the rating pertains to the album itself. If we think the entire package is worthwhile, including presentation, bonus material, and so on, then it could also get a Best New Reissue”


If they still have the review of the original album on the site, their score will not be changed for the newer review.


For example

this 3 reviews was reissue edition

can you delete this review in originals editions?


Box Set


It seems clear that the reviews of Box Set we can not rate them as the original

What do you think , Rob?


If Pitchfork hasn’t rated the original release, I think the review of the individual album of the box set should be included as their official review.