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100% Ratings, the leaderboard

I know that the whole idea of rating art is potentially contentious but considering the purpose of this site specifically, I think I’m safe to float this idea here. I also know that the fact that every publication uses a slightly different rating scale is potentially problematic, but AOTY makes it work and so I am going to roll with it.

The British press are often portrayed as being more prone to hysteria, over-inflation of scores, and fits of critical pique and so I thought I’d take a look at which of the sites used on AOTY have given out the most 100% ratings to albums this year. Without further ado, here is your leaderboard for number of perfect scores given this year:

  1. The Skinny - 22 (British)

  2. The Guardian - 19 (British)

  3. The Independent - 19 (British)

  4. AV Club - 17 (American)

  5. DIY - 15 (British)

Guess that seals the deal then. Thoughts? Peace,


I know this is a late response but I thought your post was interesting. I know I’ve read features and articles that portray the British press this way but I sometimes think maybe their music journalists are a bit more enthusiastic about praising/sharing what they like. I mean when you have a publication that puts out one perfect record every decade or so it feels a bit pretentious… like nothing else has been liked by you guys? Maybe American publications focus too much on the relevancy of the music instead of just enjoying it and passing it on, hoping other people buy it, listen, and in return share.