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A bump option for ratings

I feel like there should be a certain option to edit ratings just as you can edit reviews in the future without it showing up on your page again, with an option to bump them up to today. Deleting and re-entering ratings is a little more cumbersome then editing them when you need to.

Say: last week I rated a bunch of singles from that release friday, and I wanted them to be at the front of my page, but I also wanted to edit some scores from a long time ago. But when I re-rated those records, they ended up over my ratings from this week, so it would be wonderful if you could choose what ratings show up as new and which ones don’t



thank you

I think it would be a great feature for AOTY, especially for those who re-rate albums for end-of-the-year lists and things like that !


Made a post about this exact thing a few months back. I really want this added.

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