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A question

Hi, I’ve recently joined the AOTY site and I’ve decided to add some albums that are not on the site, and I don’t know where to ask this.

I’ve added the latest album released by MUGXTSU (Moonless Sky, Vol. 1) but them I’ve discovered that the same album had been added but classified as an Compilation. I wonder if it’s possible to retire the complitation since it doesn’t appear on MUGXTSU’s artist page.

you should put this in the submit corrections tab for the respective album you wish to be removed


I see. Thanks :slight_smile:

I originally added that album and then changed it to compilation. All of the tracks from it were released before the album came out, so I think that compilation it’s a better format than LP.
Also, when you go to an artist page, you can check the releases formats on the left side, and usually, compilations appear on the bottom part of the page (I think?).