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A suggestion on bot invasion

Recently the group BLACKPINK released it’s new LP “Born Pink”, and to the surprise of nobody it’s full of bot accounts giving it a rating of 100. The album’s recent reviews are constituted of 90% recently made accounts with no profile picture, generic usernames and only one rating and review, repeating the same phrase over and over, always giving the album an 100. This is happening as I write this, and of the 380 ratings the album has at the moment, maybe 70 or more of those are from bot accounts.
To fight that, why not make it so recently made accounts’ ratings can’t influence an album user score until they reach 25 ratings or 2 weeks of age? Or both?


What’s stopping bots from just spamming other albums they love? It’s really not that much effort to add some numbers then enter 25 times, and would just make the problem worse. The 2 week response just delays the problem and doesn’t do much to fix it.

I think the best way to fix the problem would be to find a way to reward actual users for reporting spam accounts. The reward would have to be good enough that people would want to do it but not so big that it could be exploited. Probably something cosmetic like special formatting in reviews, but nothing better than donor perks.