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Ability to find your highest rated tracks from album 'rate tracks' feature

When an album has the ability to rate each track, I love to use it to help me calculate a score for the album. (I wish it was a feature on all albums but that’s another topic) However, these ratings very quickly get lost in the web of AOTY, never to be found again as there is (as far as I’m aware) no way to search, find, or manage these ratings without going back to said album.

Sometimes, you come across an album with one terrific song, and the rest is a complete dud - it happens quite often! What I’m hoping for is the ability to search and sort all of the tracks you have rated across all track lists, helping you find those amazing songs you may have lost to bad albums (or vice versa!). Given that the track ranking already exists on the site, would it be possible to integrate a system for this like with album ratings? If not, maybe just being able to see your history of track rankings/activity would be enough! :slight_smile:

If, like me, you enjoy making your own end of year lists, this may be a really helpful feature to help build up that list after a long year of music. Hopefully this idea all makes sense! :slight_smile:

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