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Adding an album to a separate artist with the same name

I’m trying to add Lincoln’s EP A Constant State of Ohio, but as there’s already a separate artist called Lincoln I’m unsure of what to do, help?


I’m having the same problem with YURI (korean singer) because of Yuri (random vintage blonde with no ratings) - And I’ve actually seen two “Tiffany” pages, so it’s a bit annoying.

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Just put something in brackets [] behind the artist name and link me to the artist page. I’ll delete the part in brackets.


There are a ton of artists with the same name, and we can’t expect you to individually correct every instance that comes up, it’s too much for one person on top of managing the site. Let us make corrections, PLEASE


Recently created a page for Riot, the EDM band, who share the same name as Riot, the hard rock band.

wru rob its been 2 months

What about adding the genre name in () if they are on different or the label they are on if they are on label.The last solution would be just to add a number like discogs is doing.

Just added Deliverance, Doom Metal band under the name Deliverance [2], to differenciate from another band with the same name.

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Rob, just seeing if you noticed my comments on your profile. A few errors with you “in-bulk” correction fix for me.
Several split artists that only added to one of the multiple pages.

Just created a page for ALI (, separate from Ali (

I just found out there are two artist pages for “Cecilia”.

Cecilia. I believe the official capitalization for this artist is CECILIA, as it’s listed in Discogs and other streaming services.

Cecilia (Spain). The name of this artist is plainly “Cecilia”.

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Added Flood (Harsh Noise), needs changed to just “Flood”

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Created a page for Codex that is different from Codex

Created a page for Joyless that is different from Joyless

Created a page for TEETH that is different from Teeth.

Created a page for TiKA that is different from Tika.

Created a page for Gloria (Band), a British indie band, who share the same name as Gloria, the psych rock band.

Since this thread is a bit old, is there a better way now to add multiple artists with the same name ?

Added Calyx [band], which is different to Calyx, a DJ.

Added Winds, an LA band, which is different from Winds, a Norwegian metal band.