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Adding featured artists to songs (+other additions)

So maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve been working on trying to add tracks to albums that needs them (adding times, ratings, ect.), but I’m wondering if I’m missing the ability to add feats. or denote if a track is a Bonus/Hidden/ect. Track. Is this only a mod tool? I just kinda feel bad always submittung the info under “submit correction”.

If it’s only a mod tool, might I suggest one of two ideas…

  1. Having it so that after tracks are added, you can go back in and start denoting, such as a “+” under each track and you can start suggesting if it is/has a hidden track, has a feature where you can link over to the second artist’s AOTY page, an orchestra, ect.

  2. Automatically an “additional information” box under tracks with markdown abilities.

Granted, I understand this being a mod tool so there won’t be people adding feats to songs that don’t really have them and are just guests (Deftones guests). Just thought I’d ask or if just putting it under “submit correction” is still the best way to go.

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Holy crap I’m such a dumbass and I just figured it out. For those who want to know too:

  1. Go to the song page (like go to the song after it’s been added where you would see ratings appear)
  2. Next to song info, click “Submit Correction”
  3. Not only can you edit song info, you can add features and so on.