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Adding genre tags

I’ve noticed that only a few members of this site actually have any say in giving albums genres and was wondering at point do you get to add genres to albums? The exclusivity of this feature makes for a lot of records to remain uncategorized.


You probably need to use the genre feature constantly, even if your suggestions don’t get accepted in a short time. Also, you can send me some uncategorized releases if you want so I can upvote genres for them.

the feature’s not exclusive, but it’s not explained how it works anywhere on the site, to my knowledge

rob explained it in a separate thread though:
"I’m hoping to update the feature soon to allow some visibility into genres that have been suggested.

Hopefully it’ll make things more automated. Right now, three people have to suggest a genre to an album that doesn’t have a genre already assigned to it. Beyond that, it’s a manual process of me looking through the list.

There aren’t a whole lot of people suggesting genres to the same album right now, so it’s been a bit more difficult. Seeing other suggested genres might help change that."

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Ive seen albums with 3+ suggestions for a genre and still be genreless. A prime example was the new Lorde album for the first day or so it dropped. Near a dozen votes for ‘folk pop’ yet it no automated system caught it. And it was added by who I presume to be Rob or a member I’ve seen to be able to add genres with just one vote.