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Adding Parody/Satire Songs/Albums of Artists?

This honestly feels like a grey area to me, I think there’s obviously rule against submitting “fake” material onto the website. But what if the material is actually real, but is a parody or satire take of another artist?

I know a handful creators on various platforms ( Soundcloud, Spotify; Kinda, Youtube, ECT) who make parody/satire songs/albums of artists. The songs ARE real, but not genuinely made by the artist.

The issue would be, how do you categorize that?
I think ideally, you would put the album under the maker’s name and not the legitimate artist. Exp: “Tpain - Tpain” - [Their name here]
Like, put the the parody of the artists name in the title but not actually put it in the artists page.

Of course, some parody/satire works are made anonymously and uploaded. So what would it be categorized as? (Various artists, Unknown)?

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