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Hey Rob it would be nice if there were also reviews in Spanish and the same for albums in Spanish that usually never exist. These are my recommendations, I hope and you can add them soon


jaja en españa es de las mejores junto a Rockdelux , pero no creo que un sitio internacional te lo acepte.



UK Evening Standard, very active with their latest music reviews.



I think Q Magazine should be included as their archives are accessible just like Uncut and Mojo’s magazines :slight_smile:

*Page 181 is the review section.

Also, “Dead Press”


Kerrang now put rating

for example


Ah, Kerrang!, nice to see their return of their rating!
Now I can edit my opening post after all!

I’m going to add one more site and that’s Spill ( Their rating is a 5 star (Spill logo) system.

Edit: I’m going to add this site, seeing as theirs a lack of Movie Soundtrack critics out there



Rapreviews has a HUGE database of reviews, some of which data back to the 90’s and early 00’s, a time period for which the hip hop section is seriously lacking in reviews.


Any problems with adding this site?