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Additional Critics for Rating Purposes


I think we need a couple more critic based options as a couple below are very active on rating albums and should also be voiced towards this site:

Kerrang! It’s a Lie!…Definitely Not a Lie! ¬_¬


I’m not seeing any reviews on Kerrang’s website, but Rock Sound looks like it could be a good addition. Any objections?



Yep, that’s what happens when you don’t look at Kerrang’s site before you post it facepalm


It looks like has quite a few reviews


I know we try to ensure official sites reviews for each individual albums, but as a reader for Q Magazines, they are very consistent.
Q Magazine has already distributed over 7,000 album reviews through their time and can be evidently collected through this source.

They have already graded scores from The Vaccines Combat Sports to The Magic Gang’s debut album.

Also, AltWire are pretty good review site based on grade scores!


just stumbled upon [sic] Magazine:


Dork -


Dork Magazine


Dork Magazine very important


At least they’re contributing to Peace’s new album!


I think we also need more metal critics too. I primarily listen to metal & have added a lot of albums with either no reviews from sites on the dropdown list, or I can only find reviews for them on SputnikMusic every once in a while but even then, it’s usually just reviews from normal users and contributors :no_mouth:

Some more metal-focused review sites that I look at include Angry Metal Guy, Metal Injection, Metal Sucks, Blabbermouth, Toilet ov Hell, It Djents, Metal Wani, Distorted Sound, The Prog Mind, New Noise Magazine, and Louder Sound; maybe some of these could be added?



Just noticed Dork is now officially added to the roster, happy days! :slight_smile:



in Anydecentmusic and Metactitic




I’ve been checking around the internet and these critics are consistently releasing reviews for new albums. Please consider my suggestion. :grin: