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Albums That need Ratings


I’m sorry but these albums have zero business being on this website.
I can’t even rate them for several reasons, mostly the fact that you shouldn’t be promoting your own stuff I think… I don’t know…
Trying hard not to be a cunt lol.


well sorry im brand new to this I have a fanbase but i guess i should link them to this rather then ask random individuals to view and rate my albums I just wanna know other opinions outside my demographic to expand my knowledge on what I should do next.


yikes this is a bad post


If you wanna keep recording stuff I can really only suggest a better mic. It’s not easy sitting through, honestly.


You were listening to my first mixtape im guessing lol, its alright ik ive been doing this since i was 16 so i just wanted to see who was willing to cause now its 2018 alot of decensitization comes clear from a lot of people i know work related or personally so its what i expect now but if you cant last through it all thats fine im 20 now though and my last 3 projects probably are the best recorded so scorpions vs spiders, streets and workers , the centralist anarchist


to be clear, the bad post i was referring to was yours, spacevacation.

there are thousands upon thousands of albums on this site, so saying it has zero business on this website is definitely being cunty. also, you are showing a severe lack of perspective by saying he shouldn’t promote his own stuff. like, sorry not everybody has a label/etc behind them to promote their stuff. you gotta do what you gotta do. very sad to see you trying to police this. smh.


If you think flooding this website with garbage is okay, that’s on you not me.
And police it? Did I report him? Fuck off. The last thing this place needs is spam, it SHOULD be taken down but I have nothing to do with that.

Cry more about it.


This thread is about albums that need ratings, not promoting your own music with zero redeeming qualities.
There are HUNDREDS of ways to promote your shit, spamming your trash is lame.

I hope you send this dude a couple bucks now since you’re so invested in his music, dickhead.


21 user ratings, 4 critic reviews, so close to making critic and user listening list. Album came out this year. Has pretty good ratings. Worth a listen even if you don’t rate it, but a couple ratings will get it on the user list.


Thanks man i really appreciate your support and thanks spacevacation now my confidence is stronger then ever but you know whatever cause your opinions entitled and if you think my musics trash so be it i rap my emotions out not what i want all the time, some people like it 581 to be exact so cool go enjoy your tea fucking normie


Prof’s new album is incredible, I think getting it up to 10 ratings so people will view it will get it to 25 pretty quickly


In response to SpaceVacation:
This thread is about albums that need ratings, not promoting your own music with zero redeeming qualities.
There are HUNDREDS of ways to promote your shit, spamming your trash is lame.

SpaceVacation, read SCORPINOX_Official’s post again…

hey guys and girls my albums need ratings I have myself but none of my fans know about this site. so check out my discography.

He was asking for ratings on his music. Plus, this site is made for users to both review music, and aggregate critic reviews for albums, singles, EP’s, etc. There will always be both good and bad music on the site. Its purpose isn’t to keep away the bad stuff, its purpose is to allow users to give constructive criticism for artists’ music. Plus, he wasn’t “spamming” as you claimed him to be. He made one post asking for reviews, and you started sh***ing on him for no good reason. He has every right to submit his own music on this site to allow people to review it.

Additionally, I read a post of yours on the “Errors Reviews” thread:
A lot of hateable, annoying, self-centered people in this thread.

You aren’t helping the toxicity. If you are so concerned about threads sticking to its desired topic (“This thread is about albums that need ratings…”), then quit posting stuff about other people, especially of you trash talking them or their music. Leave your reviews on their AOTY artist pages with all their music on it, instead of here on the forums.


So, he wants opinions, but if I “trash” his music I’m going off topic?

Are you as ignorant as you’re coming across or are you trying this hard to be stupid?

The website, as far as I knew, was for cataloging the discographies of artists.
Not flooding it with shit that you made in five minutes i.e. Rose Mulet.

Congratulations on adding to the growing amount of stupid cunts on this website! :slight_smile:


You have zero talent.


I’m still waiting for anyone other than myself, by the way, to even start reviewing or rating any of the music that has been posted in this thread to begin with.

It’s truly admirable how much you guys want to stick up for this guy but what about listening to his stuff and rating it?

But… I’m the off topic one… right… fuck sakes this place should be atom bombed.


It’s off topic in the sense of this thread. This thread is made so that users can tell people about albums on the site that need ratings. Ratings and reviews don’t go on this thread directly, they go on their album page. “Cataloguing” music is half of what this page does. Of course, it’s also made to submit reviews on. But even if it were to only catalogue music, then what makes it wrong to add music that can be considered bad to someone? If the purpose is to make a list of an artists’s projects, then it should do exactly that. If it really bothers you that bad that one measly album gets added to the site out of the other hundreds of bad ones, then I’m sorry to say that’s just your personal problem, nobody else’s. Things as minuscule as that shouldn’t get to you so easily.


dude wtf? if this kind of stuff can get you this riled up i shudder to think of what happens when something ACTUALLY worth getting upset about happens. yikes man, take a step back and maybe reevaluate some things? instead of calling people dickheads and cunts on a music forum?




Edit: this album is no longer short of qualification. However, for those who haven’t listened to this yet, please don’t let that discourage you from trying it.

This album is two ratings short of qualification. It might be worth a listen for those of you into more avant-garde style music. This album is often considered the first “Industrial” masterpiece.