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Albums That need Ratings


So my goal is to push albums that need a few more user reviews to show up on the User rated albums. Ones that are getting strong ratings but need 5-10 more to make it to 25. I’ll start with Sylvan Lacue’s: Apologies in Advance Album


Another that could use 25 reviews due to its high current average:


Sylvan Lacue is at 24 user ratings, one more to get it on the top albums of the year by user rating.


Bahamas: EarthTones almost has enough to make the user rating minimum, also an excellent album.


Jon Allen: Dead Man Suit 0 user rating


I’ll give Dead Man’s Suit a listen and a rating. Appreciate you contributing to the forum. I’m aiming for this thread to promote albums that are on the cusp of meeting the 25 user rating minimum that just need a few more so if you could listen to and review Bahamas - Earthtones, that’d be greatly appreciated.


Nice to see the end result of this one:



You guys have a great website here. The community supported functioning (adding albums, aggregating critic ratings, working with social media) really make this a fun and slick site to be a part of. What’s your twitter handle?


OK i will hear


Michael Carpenter - Baby


alexgonzriv, YOU are not even rating the albums you’re suggesting. Why are you adding them here to get reviewed?


Yes , i review this album

see again


Michael Carpenter, Baby, has 0 user reviews…


Here’s a few of the highest rated albums that are just one rating short of qualification:





hey guys and girls my albums need ratings I have myself but none of my fans know about this site. so check out my discography



You could make a page on the site for this. Maybe in the Discover section. Programmatically determine a list of highest rated albums closest to qualification. Maybe filterable/sortable by decade, year, release date, etc. Call it “Suggestions” or something. : )