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Anyone here watched squid game?

It’s such a good show on Netflix if yall haven’t seen it I recommend you watch it.

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its very good i had to bootleg it but it was worth it

I haven’t, I may watch it some day but I don’t think I will soon… I am kind of tired of all these shows/movies nowadays with so much killings… like I don’t mean to be this prude but maybe it’s because life around me it’s getting too hard to deal sometimes that I am in the mood of cheery stuff… like nice slice of life pieces that tell me “dude, it will all be okay” … not “dude, either you do crazy s**t and play it all against everyone else or you die, suck it”… ugh… my anxiety is talking maybe?

what’s a “squid game”

It’s a very popular series on Netflix, based on a children’s game from an Asian country (I don’t remember where is this from)… anyway, they are making a children’s game into a very bloody and murderous thing according to what I have heard