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AOTY Discord Community Server


I’m starting to see many non-gaming community’s with Discord servers and I’m thinking it would be cool if AOTY had one too.


I think that’d be cool too. The only problem is that community discords tend to have a lot of drama and/or just toxic people because of the fact that they tend to be fairly large, so we’d need active and responsible moderators. Would be fun though haha


A dubtrack room would probably be the best for this site


someone start it up


I started a server here’s the link:


Non-expiring link because I’m an idiot


If everyone migrates there, does it make sense to keep this forum open? It hasn’t exactly taken off, and it’s mainly used for feedback on the site.


I think that there are definitely pros to a forum-style place for discussion, I was thinking that a discord would be more for brief, casual conversation about music. Also the memes.


Yeah, I guess it’s more chat based rather than the archived threads that we have here.


Reminder that the Discord server is very nice and those still lurking the forums and comment sections for discussion would benefit entirely by joining in and will not secretly be memed on by those already in the server anymore