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AOTY rant

Some time ago i’ve posted here about the removal of personal tags, and here i am again…
AOTY SUCKS really bad now. AOTY is just a RYM copycat, always been, always will and they will never be better than its counterpart. Almost everything is just Ctrl C + Ctrl V from RYM, even the scores!!! Honestly, the removal of personal tags (which was the only unique feature from this site) killed this site for me. It was so fun reading through the tags and tagging some albums and artists, i remember spending half of my day just having fun with it.
“So why you don’t leave AOTY?” The only reason i haven’t fully left it yet is because i can write short reviews or shout a joke on the review section, other than that, i dunno. I was so used to it, that it’s difficult to fully leave it. Feel free to disagree.

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I beg to differ. I don’t mind the similarities towards RYM because I think we need fair competition. RYM is a very big site and this might be neither here nor there, but I personally have issues with how the site is ran.

Should AOTY do more to stand out? Sure, but this being a smaller community is what drew me here. It looks more chill and seems to actually allow playful banter. I’m still new here, so I could be wrong, but it seems to be more lax.

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rym is tiny

its just number ratings on the phone app

aoty has 10 times the review numbers

i think aoty has a vastly superior community and interface

The tags were crap and made the site seem unprofessional. It’s also a problem to moderate them as people were typing in stupid stuff for the tags of artists.