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Are you in the habit of doing reviews for every album you rate?

Since the beginning of 2020 I’ve been writing for a blog of mine and my friends, reviewing new albums. However, as I only do about releases and the number of projects I have to write about is huge, I end up not having time to do bigger, more “professional” reviews on older albums I’ve heard in the past. However, for some reason, I feel bad about registering scores without a text about, even a small one. Are you like that too? Any tips for me to lose this neura? xD

i can imagine that. i have the same neuratism but with another things. yep, this is some neurotical thing which based on dophamine(!). i think u need to do a “challenge” or any goal…i mean lets say u need to listen 50 album of some genre or artists or 2010-2020 indastrial albums. 50 albums. and u write only on top5-10 from them. with this “strategy” u can write more better reviews. with details. and u save a lot of time and get out from some musical escapism (lol wut?). cuz write on all 50 albums this is…not what u need maybe. just write on some TOP albums. and some honorable mentions. somethin like that. u can change this strategema. this is the way imo. OOOOR! do a YT channel. and u can take attention on what u do on every joint. and take more dophamine and can feelin ursefl maybe better idunnoe.

Me personally, I tend to almost exclusively write shorter reviews (a paragraph or two or maybe even a sentence) when I rate an album, and if I have a bigger more professional review I want to write I’ll put it on a separate blog and link it in my AOTY review.

I tried to when I first joined AOTY months ago, but now I don’t. I prefer quality over quantity. Every now and then I’ll do a short review.