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Artist Profile Suggestion: More capabilities for users (w/ Concept Image)

I wish it were possible to add albums to lists directly from an artist’s page rather than having to open each album page individually. This would make it far easier to add records to lists, especially when trying to include multiple albums from an artist to a list. Perhaps even an “add all albums to list” button would be a nice addition. I believe the feature would definitely improve the user experience. Concept image added:

Anyone else have any thoughts or other suggestions?


I don’t really have an issue with this being added or not added at all but I can understand why you may want it. Something I think that may be super helpful is a list removal feature on the same pop-up as the list adding pop-up. Just a small “X” symbol on a previously selected list would create less of a nuisance.


I too think this would be very useful, especially for doing a discography list.


This would be incredibly helpful for me personally.


Do you mean all at once?