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Artists with the same name

Since we don’t currently have a way to properly handle multiple bands with the same name how should we go about adding these artists?

Disrupt (Grindcore)
Disrupt (Dubstep)

Defining the genre and country of the group may work, though it’s not the most elegant solution.


Either would work, but I would probably go with genre. When I come across an artist name like that, I would remove the genre from the display name.

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Same happened with a band called Orchid. The band that I’m referring to here is a screamo and hardcore punk band, but there’s another band on the site of the same name already.

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there are about a dozen bands called IRIS (not kidding). I added the Canadian shoegaze band as Iris (CAN) because there is another shoegaze band also called Iris, but not from Canada.

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I probably should have looked here first, i ended up creating in a similar style to RYM or even Discogs, to separate from .
If genre is better PW-2 could be named with Electro or Ambient. If location is better then England.