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Artwork, label, track-listing edit privileges

@Rob, is there any way that users could be vetted for some admin privileges? I add a lot of content to the site; occasionally, when I make mistakes, it’s really annoying that I can’t edit what I just did. For a user like myself, having racked up over 1000 submissions, might it be possible to allow some greater editorial abilities? I also happen across lots of poor quality artwork submitted, that I’d love to correct, but am not able to!



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I like the idea but it’s risky. An application process could work if Rob is interested. Also, Rob’s jurisdiction of who’s most helpful could be a decider too.


It would be really helpful if this could be considered, or even if I could know what it is that constitutes significant tenure/submission history to have admin status. I absolutely love contributing to the site and always feel like a dick when I make an error/hate it when I see one that I can’t fix! Been contributing to Discogs for years!


Same, I would love it if we had some editing priviliges. I’ve seen some artists added multiple times and brought to the forums but nothing has changed so far.


can any @admins reply to this? I’d really like to know!

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This has been brought up in the past, and I’ve started work on a tool, but didn’t get very far into it. Currently I feel that my time is better spent working through the correction backlog, and adding additional features to the site. I understand that it’s annoying to not have things instantly fixed, but I feel like I’ve been doing a good job with keeping up with newly submitted corrections.

So I guess, in short, this is something that could be added, but it won’t happen in the immediate future.