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Ban a very toxic and annoying user for harassing other users

Hello to whoever reads this (hope it’s @Rob), there’s this Myxogastrid person who keeps going out their way to harass users who follow them and that they don’t think are “worthy” of getting a follow back because said users give positive reviews for “problematic” artists, I’ve also seen him botting albums with a 0 just because they don’t like the artist, for example Kendrick or Bowie. I have no problem with somebody not wanting to separate the art from the artist, but this person is just toxic as hell and not helping the community of this site at all.

(EDIT) Not too much related, but out of curiosity I checked this person’s discord server that on their about session they say is a “friendly and tight-knit community”, ironically it is really not, as when I entered all I saw was him being an asshole to other people and even shit talking Brad Taste lul