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Ban Myxogastrid

Already did a post on this, it got no response understandably so because @Rob is one human being that can only do so much, but this user is still harassing people to the point another user recently felt pressured and deleted his review (thankfully, the review is reuploaded though). This person brings literally nothing but headaches to the people they harass (people that, for the most part, are very young weirdly enough).

So I’d like to once again ask @Rob or any other admin to ban this user as they are a very weird creep that harasses young users and has an extremally toxic behavior as well. I don’t want to flood the forum with this topic so this is going to be the last time I write about it, sorry for that btw, but I really do think something needs to be done about this person, if not a ban then a timeout or something.



I am A key player in this reignited debacle, here.

I’m sorry, but no. There honestly is no reason why this should turn into a public protest over a single user. Yes, this user is really intrusive at times, but at the same time, it would be irresponsible to be this public over an issue such as this. If I was you, then I would subject this issue (one that does not directly involve you) to something private, like E-mail, for example.

I appreciate you doing this (in part) to stand up for me, but this decision was not very wise, as all it does is generate attention toward a person that thrives off of negative attention. If you really wanted them to stop, then block them and move on in your life. Attention only fuels people like them and will only enable them to fortify their ego even further

And, to be honest, does anyone ever want to be called out in this fashion? Not only that but name-dropping AND posting a hyperlink to their profile? Don’t you realize that doing this in favor of curbing harassment will only generate harassment on both sides? I know that what I am doing may be in favor of “devil’s advocate” but I believe it is worth taking all perspectives into account.

And one last thing: Myxogastrid will not get banned. Simply because they help keep the site set up and running thanks to their frequent donations. If Rob were to expel this user from the site, then less cash will be invested into the website, which in turn will be a risk of losing the site’s already shaky functionality. Rob is one man overseeing a website populated by dozens of thousands of users. I believe this issue is low on his list of priorities, especially when it is one that can be solved on its own.

All in all, learn to block, and please don’t give such a dangerous pedestal to someone that can be damaged by other, more ignorant, and actually toxic people.

I responded to you already, but it was all too long winded so that’s why I deleted it.

First of all, I’m sorry that this post upsets you, I really did not think how you could be affected by it which in hindsight was extremely dumb and idiotic on my part, so yeah, I’m really very sorry.

Second, I didn’t think (and to be honest, still don’t) that posting this is somehow going to make things worse, after all, this is a forum to improve AOTY and has already been used to call out other users with toxic behavior the same way I’m doing here: “name-dropping” and posting a hyperlink to their profile. Also, reporting Myxo was something that had already been suggested (it was suggested once again today as matter of fact), and to me the forum was a good space to do it, since, again, it has been done before. So while I do understand your concerns, on the subject of exposing Myxo I truly don’t think I’m doing nothing wrong here.

And lastly I just wanna clarify that I didn’t make this post to turn your situation into a public protest, I did it because many times I’ve seen Myxo being intrusive and toxic to other users (including myself), and you happened to be the most recent incident…

But then again, I totally understand you getting upset by this since it is a situation that involves you, and again I’m very sorry for being this irresponsible, I tried to delete this post for upsetting you but apparently I can’t so I guess that’s it.


Edited. People who make the site worse for others shouldn’t be here.

I appreciate the support, but nah, Ozzy totally isn’t his mate lmao, he was an example I used of Myxo attacking other users, they actually had a really long argument. He’s was kinda mad in his comment because he didn’t want me shedding light in his situation which I think is totally fair

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