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Ban this user?


Hey guys, I see we have quite the deranged fellow among us. This halfasl7ep person has left a pretty offensive shout on my profile and I see he/she’s done the same to a few other users in the last few hours, i guess. I deleted the message on my profile, but other users haven’t done the same, so you can check it out for yourselves. I’ve had a few ramblings on my profile from people like cookie, for example, but it’s fine, at least it was music related. Can’t say the same about this person, so I think maybe this account should be deleted, I don’t know. Thanks a lot.



What did it say? I can’t seem to find any other accounts where he posted a message to. And yeah I’m not a fan of that kid either.


It was some mean racist stuff I don’t feel comfortable reproducing here, but, yeah. Don’t really know what’s the point in doing that sort of thing.


This place is crawling with ignorant, annoying, instigating little cunts.

I’ve emailed Rob personally trying to see if there are any plans to amp up the blocking system… I fucking despise just seeing some of these people…


Thanks for the heads up, he’s been taken care of. I saw him being toxic in review comments, but missed the comments he was leaving on profiles.

I’m open to any suggestions on how to make this place less toxic.


Rob for the win


Thanks a lot. The site’s always been great, it’s a shame to see such spiteful users coming up from time to time. Keeping those away is definitely a fine way to maintain aoty consistent.