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Good afternoon, I am a one year member of this page in addition to being a member who has already donated. When I log into my account, it doesn’t let me like other reviews and it doesn’t count my score even though I didn’t give any scores without justification so there would be no reason to be considered a “bot”. I ask for a justification since AOTY is a page that I use daily and it would be a waste to throw the account away with so much content that I have already done here. My name on the page is @GersonAOTY. @Rob


A couple things to note:

  • This wasn’t a banning. Your account was made inactive due to you using multiple accounts to rate the same albums. A ban would prevent you from using the site at all. You can still rate and review albums, they just don’t have an effect on the overall score.

  • Donating doesn’t allow you to break the site’s rules. Your support is appreciated, but you must follow the rules like everyone else.

If you can agree to just use one account, I can make you active again.


Thank you very much for clarifying so quickly I really appreciate it :smile:, I agree to just use one account and I apologize immensely for the inconvenience caused.


Thanks for understanding. Your account is active once again.


Can you make my account active again, I won’t use other accounts that I have anymore, thanks in advance!

Hello Rob! I apologize for using multiple accounts. I promise to never do it again, i put a lot of effort into my reviews and i hope to get my account Meltingyelo counted again, i sincerely apologize. I’ll be better in using the app and being fair, i’ve learned. @Rob

Hey man, did you ever get your acc back up?