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Banned seemingly for no reason


My aoty account “Hypnotistical” has been banned without warning. I’m pretty sure I never broke any rules and I’ve reached out to the support email regarding more information, and have not received a response. Can I ask what I have done to get my account banned? I’ve spent so many hours writing reviews there, and it upsets me to have it all gone in an instant.

You were adding fake critic reviews to “LIL SKIBIDI RIZZLER - The Skibidi Album”. What was the meaning of that?

I’m sorry, it was already not a real release and somebody else added it. I was just going along with the joke, not spreading any false information about a real album. I understand that’s not the purpose of the website though, I was just messing around.

Ok, I’ll make you active again. Please keep things legit going forward.