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Mediocre RPG though a very solid FPS. Nowhere near as bad as many people bring it up to be nowadays.

Video game culture is weird to me. there never seems to be a between from the discussions i’ve seen - a game is either amazing or awful.


I was only showing the aftermath of their paid mods system. The score is really 70%. As for the black and white approach to games, I think that’s mostly from people following others rather than taking the time to form their own opinion. As for the game, I spent as much time playing it as they took making the story.


I haven’t been paying much attention to this whole situation but Bethesda’s attempt to provide console players access to mods was an exciting step forward for video games. It’s a shame the entire thing turned into a huge shit show

From what I’ve heard Bethesda has no plans to stomp out free PC mods—but that doesn’t mean they won’t go back on their word if this proves to be a good cash cow. God forbid this somehow becomes something viable despite the backlash, what does that mean for modding in general and how will other horrible companies like EA and Warner Bros. exploit misinformed consumers with this new concept.

I’m getting real tired of being called a cynical asshole about situations like this. I use to really like video games man and I don’t mean to come across as some old fuck but I miss playing finished products that weren’t just unregulated gambling machines by cynical corporations who have zero respect for their products nor their consumers. I just want something positive to come out of this whole fiasco for once to give me some sort of hope.

God bless this shit industry.


I have a very cynical perspective on the industry myself. It’s not about artistic integrity. It’s more about what you can get out of an intellectual property rather than its actuallization. But who do we really blame? Companies only repeat their actions because we’re allowing them to. It’s especially devastating when a studio does pour their heart and soul into a game only for its publisher to completely destroy it. It’s nice to see backlash like this out there, because the industry is surely lacking it.