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Best Electronic Album of the Century So Far

Pitchforks “Why Burial’s Untrue Is the Most Important Electronic Album of the Century So Far”

had me thinking about whether Untrue is not only the most “important”(importance isn’t always a sign of quality) but also the “best” electronic album of the century so far.
While I truly enjoy Untrue I really don’t think it is the best, but what is the best electronic album then?

I think it’d make for a fun discussion, especially with a genre as vague as "electronic"
What do you think is the best Electronic album of the century so far(2000-2100 ^^)

Lets say an electronic album is not lead by vocals but focused on sonic landscapes. Vocals can still be present but just as instrument/another sonic landscapes, as seen with Burial’s Untrue.
(So Thom Yorke is mostly disquailified :frowning: Daft Punk for instance mostly isn’t :slight_smile: )

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Oooo this is fun to think about.

As for best, I think I’ll have to go with Since I Left You by The Avalanches. That album still amazes me every time I put it on. It’s so immediate and catchy but dense and deeply strange too. Because I’m indecisive, though, my runners up would probably be: Vocalcity by Luomo, Replica by 0PN, and Los Angeles by Flying Lotus.

I think Untrue is great too, but it’d probably rank below these other albums for me.


Haven’t listened to Vocalcity so thanks for that!

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I’ve been stuck on these three albums:

Ravedeath, 1972 (Tim Hecker)
Concrete Misery (Sevendeaths)
Melancholia (William Basinski)

I mean Basinski really is insane, from the disintegration loops to Melancholia I think his music has very little importance/influence but his albums are always on another level, while Concrete Misery by Sevendeaths, I really don’t think I’ve heard a more dense electronic album, the method he used to make the album is crazy too and it was his debut album, kills me every time.

But Ravedeath is ravedeath, I think it may be the “best” to me but every few hours a new album pops up. Rounds, Geogaddi, Replica, Elaenia. aaah.

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unpopular opinion: untrue is boring and the best electronic album of the century is opn’s replica

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Would have to relisten to a lot of stuff again to fully be able to make a clear choice, but right now i can definitely call out the works of Graham Lambkin, DJ Sprinkles, Andy Stott, Nicolas Jaar, Fever Ray, Tim Hecker, OPN, and Flying Lotus as some of the century’s finest. Autechre’s stuff like Confield is slowly starting to catch up to me as well.

Untrue’s a solid choice too though I feel he topped that with the EPs after.

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Right now, I’d call that popular opinion; OPN has been mentioned by everyone haha.

but nobody said that untrue was boring

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really limited experience in this genre but I was impressed by Avalanches/Since I Left You and (from last century) Massive Attack/Mezzanine (if it meets the criteria). I really like Jane Weaver and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and need to listen to more Basinski.

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Shaking the Habitual
Los Angeles

I gave all these albums the same score by coincidence.

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I’ll state the obvious and already alluded to Daft Punk - Discovery, at least 00-10’ its at the top for most influential. Grit and texture are making comeback though so I also like Aphex Twin - Drukqs and BoC - Geogaddi from that era. All obvious choices from overrated artists, I know, but a lot of it has to do with the time thats passed since those releases. Maybe Ill feel the same about Oneohtrix and Jaar in 10 years who have made some gorgeous music of their own.

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It’s crazy that the 21st Century already has its classics, and you’re absolutely right! Discovery has got to be in the conversation its Daft Punk’s best. I think Aphex and BoC are just overshadowed by their 90’s releases but again definitely worth mentioning.
Music is math :angel:t5:

  • Replica
  • Los Angeles
  • Geogaddi
  • Since I Left You
  • Discovery
  • (None of the Above)

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My top 3 are:

  • Discovery
  • Untrue
  • Garden of Delete

Hard to beat Discovery as a front-to-back record but I do deem Untrue to be the greater musical landmark.

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Actually, forget what I said about Burial’s Untrue. That album is a masterpiece.

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I’ll probably think less of every album I mentioned if I re-listen. Geogaddi and Supermodified being the best on the list.