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Bot attack


So, Anitta (a famous brazillian pop singer) released her new album (‘KISSES’), which had a negative reception (a 45 user score, but there was no ‘hate’, the reviews came organically), but her fans dropped MORE THAN >140< ‘100’ scores in less than >5 HOURS<, and it’s only new accounts…with 0 followers/profile pic…with only 1-2 albums reviewed (and only ‘Anitta’ albums…some are even spamming her entire career with ‘100’)
BESIDES THAT, they are attacking the album ‘Não Para Não’, by the drag queen ‘Pabllo Vittar’ (stupid fanwar), calling the singer a ‘tranny’, ‘aberration’ and giving 0 user score (the album dropped from 75 to 60)

Can those reviews be deleted (because they OBVIOUSLY are bots) and something be done about that?

Anitta’s album =
Pabllo’s album =


btw, i invite everyone to leave a ‘0’ user score on ‘KISSES’ until they fix it (or just set the user score below 70). it’s icarus falls ALL over again.

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So…checked Pabllo’s profile and some albums dropped from 80 to 11…with a lot of comments calling her “shit” “tranny” “aberration” “cum dump” wtf seriously

i hope admins really delete those ratings

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You really are desperate. It was you, drag fans, who started this whole shit!


I’m not a fan of both singers, also you can check at my profile that i’ve only listened to one album from Pabllo and one from Anitta since i’ve created my account (and neither of them have a score above 80)
but i guess you don’t know about this feature since you’re only a bot profile created to raise your idol’s scores, right?

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Also, yeah, i’m desperate. Desperate to all the bot reviews to be deleted since AOTY is one of my favourite websites. So, “BolaRebola10”, (conveniently a Anitta’s song with 3m forum posts been read) don’t be a mean bitch and get your shit together. This is not a playground for childish fanwars. We are only trying to clean the mess.

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and to “clean up the mess” you have the others evaluate the new Anitta album with 0? You are a big idiot. For those of you who do not know who started this war, it was Pabllo’s fans who have been attacking Anitta for 24 hours on the internet. We fans are CAGANDO for this drag with no vocal talent, we just can not see Anitta suffer this type of Attack and stand idly by! You’re pathetic.


Giving a 0 user score is a common thing in AOTY when fanbases create fanwars, so the score remain close to the “real” score (KISSES, for example had a yellow-score before +200 fans spammed the website with ‘100’ ratings and it raised to 75 in 4 hours). It doesn’t mean i’m asking for people to give a 0 score because “let’s call it a shit!!” or whatever. EVERYBODY give a temporary 0 score, the admins fix the bot attacks (from both sides) and then everybody delete the ‘0’ scores. It’s easy like that. And as i say before, i guess you’re new here so you don’t know how the dinamics work.


By the way, if anyone was attacking your idol, you could just report the reviews and they would be simply deleted. If you think Pabllo’s fans spamming 0 reviews is childish, why spamming it with 100 wouldn’t be? It’s just the same faces from the same coin.
Didn’t you guys realized that she became one of the biggest jokes of this website because of the fan spam? Even the CREATOR of this portal commented that you guys created the BIGGEST spam attack since the creation of this site. So i bet everyone is happy now that ‘kisses’ became an international joke here!


I’ll say it again, who started the fuckin 'fanwar was you! Yes, you are a fan of Pabllo as I remember very well having seen you in a discussion on Twitter. You guys are rotten! Attack and then victimize. We are not to blame if our fandom is great, no one would like to see their idol suffering any kind of virtual attack even more on an album that she struggled hard to do it and I came half dozen unemployed give low rating just for not liking her. You are the real scum on the internet! In the link of this tweet it is very clear who started with this fucking fight!


the people who rated the album negatively are the ones you asked to give 0 and those who gave 100 to Pabllo’s album.

You always start the wars, spend 24 hours calling Anitta de bitch and other barbarities and then want to become saints. You are the most toxic fan base on the internet.


you are a member of a squad basically made to attack Anitta, and all the members of that squad are Drag fans you know that very well. You think it’s beautiful to attack other artists, they think that this will make Pabllo bigger, because that’s not how things work. You are sexist and often racist with black women. They started this fucking attack but when they saw that they suffered more damage (because we are a larger number of fans) the little dog came crying to ask the adm to take the negative notes. I understood, you fucking hypocrite.


okay, you clearly need some therapy and fresh air.
don’t claim stuff you don’t know about me, okay? i hope the admins see you freaking out and insulting people you don’t even know (and ban you as soon as possible, 'cause this only can be a troll account) (with a poor grammar, btw. let me introduce you to my friend “,”)
also, you said you saw me on twitter (LMAO?) can you drop here some prints with me being sexist or racist or whatever (wtf) towards anitta? or creating childish fanwar between both singers? i’m waiting while sipping my tea
(also, let me give you a litte help! as you claim here (boo boo the fool) that i am a stupid sexist drag pabllo #1 stan, give a look at my profile! here you can see pabllo at 54th position with only 160 scrobbles…but hey, i’m a member of the pabllo fans squad let’s destroy anitta :sunglasses::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but hey, imagine being this delusional…!

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yes! you cracked the code! everyone is following my trend because i’m the most influential user on AOTY with only 26 followers! :anguished::anguished::anguished:

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do not come up with to compare anything. Even the Pabllo fans themselves do not hear their rotten songs. You are fans for the “representativeness” she has, do not do it if you are dumb. You know a lot that who started all this shit was not us, we just retaliated! You are rotten Pabllo does not deserve the kind of fans that you are. I’m not going to continue this stupid fight, we have our quiet conscience that we did not start. We only continue trsites because the ADm of the site only removed the low notes that we gave while the ones we received are still there but that does not matter in the background. The album was praised by BIllboard, The Guardian and other relevant websites, it will not be the negative assessment of a squad of rabid gays that will make it bad.

Good afternoon and have a great day.


ok, i asked for proofs, showed you my reviews, showed you my profile but you keep creating fake narratives on your head that i’m a pabllo fan trying to ruin anitta’s scores

remind what i’ve said: therapy!

get well soon xx

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