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1000+ ratings. 955 90-100 ratings. Seriously, it’s gotten to a point where we can’t do anything about it, honestly. I think we should just delete the EP from the site. Then possibly re add it. Also, please make it so you can’t make an account so easily. possibly having to verify your email right after you sign up or if you don’t use your account in like a week it gets it’s ratings hidden until you log in. something like that.


who cares?


clearly i do you dumbass


good call. delete it.


make it so scores are determined through an algorithm. the current site doesn’t allow for any growth


Its a rhetorical question :slight_smile: dumbass
You know where you ask a question not for a response but to make a point?

Like its a drag, but they’ll fuck off in a week. And all the measures you mentioned won’t stop these kinds of superfans at all, and will end up being more of an inconvenience to the people who actually run this site and the people who want to be a part of this site.

Like we always go through this and respond the same way maybe, next time you see an artist with a massive biased following, listen to the album, rate it how you see fit, write a review about how commercial music doesn’t even need to be reviewed because there isn’t much to review and move on, I have a feeling there wouldn’t be over 1000 bot accounts had that happened. Can’t blame the site for peoples fandom, its like complaining about the billboard top 100

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I know this is the fans doing this, but this doesn’t happen on other sites like this, and I do see it as an issue because it fucks with the charts. I know they don’t mean shit, but adding a 1000 perfect ratings fucks up the entire communities view on the album. It’s now not what the general audience of thinks of the album, its what the general audience thinks of the album plus 1100 assholes who gave it either a 0 or an 100. And the billboard top 100 and the bts page are completely uncomparable for that reason. Billboard takes every stream basically in existence into account, they don’t exclude 90% of people who don’t listen to BTS.
Also that’s not the right use of Rhetorical, and you didn’t make a point at all, because if you look at the actual page for the album, a lot of people clearly care. dumbass


100% AGREE. Straight up INFURIATING that we’ve built up such a caring and diverse community just to get absolutely PISSED on by kpop stans that are so incredibly petty and childish. Legit going to double down on my comp sci degree so I can build a fucking bot filter to get this garbo out of the site.




when are we going to be able to sentence users to death? i feel like that is the only way this discussion is heading.