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Call for new structure of reviews

Let’s give more meaning to the user score of albums by giving full in-depth reviews for each album. It should be practice to review each track one by one and finding the average of the scores.

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I don’t think most people on this site would want to do that, though. General comments on an album are perfectly fine and valid, in my honest opinion. Let people who want to do incredibly in-depth track-by-track reviews do so, but let’s not force everybody else to do it as well…


Absolutely not. I don’t score my albums based on the average of the tracks. I score my albums based on how I feel about the experience as a whole. Like if I based my score of the new Lana Del Rey album solely on averages of tracks, it’d be a 55 for me, but I think it’s so much better than a 55 that I gave it an 80, even if those tracks at the end and those interludes are pretty terrible. Averaging tracklists can work for some people, DOES NOT work for me.

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I don’t think that everyone needs to do a 3 paragraph essay on each album, but I completely understand your frustration. I too am sick of seeing emoji reviews and tik tok memes and just low effort bs on the top of each page. I think the best solution is migrating joke reviews to album comments, moving tracklist score reviews to the song ratings & giving low priority to low effort posts (bump it down 2-4 spots).

But let’s be real that’s a lot of fucking work for the mods to do so if they’d rather fix bugs and other technical problems with the site, I totally understand. The block button is always there.

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