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Can Artists/Labels make requests to have their artist picture displayed?

From reading the forum and seeing the website, it seems that due to copyright, AOTY and @Rob decide on which artist profiles get a picture. Is there a way for artist’s and labels to make a request directly and give permission explicitly to have their artist’s picture used? Perhaps provide a link to a Wikidata or Wikipedia image (which would be proof that the image is available openly to the public through a CC0 license, like public domain). That way AOTY can be sure it can use the image without copyright issue and more artists/labels can have their profiles completed with an image.

Is this something AOTY is doing now for artist images?

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Does anyone have any input on this? I pay for the site and manage some artists, so we would like to know if something like this is possible as long as the artist’s give permission.

bump. I’ve seen other posts related to artist images, this could solve the issue. Anyone have any input?

is there no interest in artist images?