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Can I change my name please on the main site?


Please change it to AZIZ. My name right now is stupid.


In caps?




Can you change my name ?



Updated this for you.


Hi Rob I would like to change my name to Ezht. Is it possible?


Just took care of this for you.


Thanks Rob


Could you please change my name to Martino on the main site?


You could change my name to Leonardo Aguilar please


All set.


What’s your name on the site now? That might be too long and spaces aren’t allowed.


My name on the site is L_Jevus, since you can not the previous one, I would like Leo_AV


This is now updated.



Could I change my name from therealmusic to PolaroidRomanPhoto?



Hey Rob, my username is uralberk, once I logged in with gmail and things got confused and my forum name is this. Can you make both of them doglikecreature?


Rob, can you change my username on the main site to Junior? my actual username there is triggersilence


may I change my name to Aylegs


Sorry to sort of necrobump this thread, but @Rob would it be possible to change my username on the main site (and here if they’re not connected) from cosmopath to lucental? Thanks!