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Can we get more options for ratings?


I love the site but I feel there are a few problems with how simple the rating system is. Not its weighting or anything but just that I don’t think there is enough to do. If I tag albums i’ve listened to, they’re tagged onto the album itself and not my rating. I also think track ratings would be cool. I’m fairly certain it would be a pain in the ass to program so I don’t really care if it isn’t high priority or anything but it’d be cool.

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I’m not sure I understand the part about tags. Your tags get appended to your album reviews and you can view them from your profile page.


Yes but it also gets tagged to the album’s page. If I tag an album it’ll come up in my review but also on the album page itself which i find kind of annoying just because it adds a too much clutter to the tags section. You also cant see all tags on an album or artists page. But i’d just like tags to be a bit more personal. I make sure my album ratings are up to speed on aoty and itunes and because of that rating things I’d rate on aoty but not itunes are sometimes hard to spot without an obvious indicator. It’d just keep things organized for me and I think would overall be a small quality of life improvement.