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Changing unofficial songs to not affect album ratings

Is it possible that we can change songs uploaded to the site as “Unofficial” from affecting normal album ratings on our profiles? It seems that the “Unofficial” music type has no distinguishment between a Single/Song and an Album/Mixtape/EP, so rating an unofficial song places it amongst the rest of your albums and in my opinion, that’s not good for organization.

(If what I am talking about is confusing, take this song “” as an example. It is an unofficial song marked as “Unofficial”, but to the site, it is classified as an album as noted in the URL. Adding a rating to this song would put it amongst your ratings as an album, unlike normal singles which aren’t. That shouldn’t be the case)

If changing it from affecting normal album ratings isn’t feasible, I at least suggest splitting “Unofficial” into two or more sections where we can still upload it as a single song and not have it affect anything. :smiley: