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Critic/Publication Suggestions

Here are some publication suggestions to add to the site. To start,

  1. MusicHound, a strong publication that reviews of artists discography are found through and reviews are well-known and shown on sites such as and on almost every album:

MusicHound has published several guides that cover different genres and artists and provide ratings and reviews for albums. You can find most of these guides on The ratings are based in a 5-point system.

The publication also has many famous critics who contributed to it, according to Wikipedia,"
Among the guide’s reviewers were US music critics Joel Selvin (San Francisco Chronicle), Mark J. Petracca (Creem), Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone), Brian Mansfield (USA Today), Thor Christensen (Dallas Morning News, Spin), and Roger Catlin (Hartford Courant). Other contributors included: Gary Pig Gold, who went on to work on six subsequent MusicHound guides; Grant Alden and Peter Blackstock, co-founding editors of No Depression magazine; The Big Takeover publisher Jack Rabid, who had previously written for Trouser Press’s record guide; Guitar World editor Alan Paul; and Anders Wright, news editor of the music website Wall of Sound."

It is also written in English. It’s similar in style to the RS Guide but more in depth and across many guides covering every genre and each aspect of music with some of the most famous music critics writing in it. This publication is incredibly popular and well-known. You can see it used on AcclaimedMusic as a source for ratings which rarely occurs unless the publication has a strong history of reviews, is popular enough, and is a valuable publication of great importance.

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If it gets Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Golden Hour’ to a Purple again, I’m for it

  1. The Austin Chronicle
    This is a regular publication that still publishes reviews and has been for years. It’s reviews are online on it’s website. It rates things on a 5 point scale (5 being the highest). It is a popular publication used on sites such as Metacritic and Wikipedia and is a publication held in high regard and one of the more well known publications. All it’s reviews are easy to access on it’s website simply by searching for it.
    An Example of a Standard Review By Them on Their Site (A rating attached at the bottom of the review (in this case 5 stars) and above it is the review itself)
    Radiohead: OK Computer Album Review - Music - The Austin Chronicle
    Here is the Wiki page for additional details on the publication itself:
    The Austin Chronicle - Wikipedia
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  1. Blender
    This is a regular publication that published reviews in the 2000’s online. It’s reviews are archived and can be easily found here:
    Wayback Machine (
    They rated things on a 5 point scale and rated and discussed many artists. The rate and review albums from LP’s to reissues and much more. You can find all their reviews by going through artists name and checking the artists discography on the site to see the reviews (on Each are regular reviews with a rating attached. It is also a hugely popular publication whose reviews are frequently put on Wikipedia, Metacritic, and other sites.
    Here is the Wiki page for additional details on the publication itself:
    Blender (magazine) - Wikipedia
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  1. The Times & The Sunday Times
    Music | The Times & The Sunday Times

  2. The Financial Times

Both include numeric reviews and are still active!

  1. IGN Music (IGN)

IGN had a thing called IGN Music in the late 2000’s in which they reviewed a number of albums with scores and reviews attached. They rated out of 10. IGN is a hugely popular source and site for reviews and one of the most popular online and IGN Music was a fundamental part of it when it was making reviews.

It was written in English and ended around 2009 but all the reviews are online, were popular, and were a iconic source for music reviews. You can see their review section:

IGN Music [Reviews] - IGN

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  1. Filter
    Filter was a magazine whose reviews I found through Metacritic and can be seen here. They are in English but the ratings might be something that needs to be checked out since they might be a publication that didn’t rate albums but discussed them. Though, not sure on that since they rarely rate anything perfectly from what it looks like on Metacritic so more of likely could be just the publication.
    Filter Profile - Page 10 - Metacritic
    Here is the Wikipedia for additional details:
    Filter (magazine) - Wikipedia