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Difference between Reissue, Compilation and Box-Set

Hi guys, how are you?

I was taking a look around the website and I noticed that on the page of some artists have these three categories: Reissue, Compilation and Box-Set. I would like to know what is the difference between them.

Thank you!

Reissue is usually an album that has already been released, that is getting remastered or remixed, maybe with extra tracks. These tend to happen on anniversaries, but not always.
Compilations are just collections of tracks like Greatest Hits or B-Sides.
Box-sets are usually multiple disc collections, they could be compilations, or maybe collecting multiple studio albums, EPs or live albums.

There is some overlap, mostly in the last 2, but if the number of CDs is more than 3 it tends to be a Box-Set.

Hope this helps! Also if anyone else knows more about the differences, i’ll gladly be corrected.


For Korean artists I believe that distinction is a little less clear. Box sets are definitely still as you described, but most of the time compilation albums will come out with their own unique material in addition to the previously-released music a la Love Yourself: Answer. Reissues will do the same thing & bc they’re not often applied to older records the audio quality isn’t usually touched up.