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Disable ‘0’ ratings

lowest rating should be a one and under five should be moderated… i say this because someone just gave all of taylor swift’s albums 100s and king Krule a zero …

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Depends on the album honestly. There are some albums that are hideous enough to warrant a 0. But you can never be sure on which ones without taking an induvidual look at every one of them, hence Rob couldnt flip the switch for that on every induvidual album given how expansive the database is. I feel like maybe albums with an average score of 80+ could be barred from zeroes

I would agree no album should have a 0 rating. The ratings should be weighted the same as they are for the critic ratings. I guess some music critics have given a 0 rating [or their rating is interpreted as such] but those ratings tend to be very rare and instead are on the 1 to 5 scale which translates as 20 to 100 or so.

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Get rid of the 100 rating as well then for the stans.

Then they’ll just spam 1s.

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I heavily disagree. If people can’t spam 0’s, they’ll spam 1’s. Also, some things deserve a 0.


I get your point, but still I don’t think one or two dumb ratings like that would affect in general. And hey, remember Jason Derulo is listed as an artist on this site, yes, 0 is a perfectly valid score.