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Do the needle drops not good ratings count as zeros?

I am pretty sure a not good is a zero that he didn’t even think was worth giving as much time into. Tell me if I am misunderstanding the fact that a not good is like a zero.

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A not good and a 0 are close, but not the same. A not good indicates that the album is a non-starter, meaning that the album conceptually fails to a point where it’s lack of quality is of surprise to no one. If a not good hadn’t been given to an album, it doesn’t necessarily mean said album would receive a 0, and as a result, they are not included in the critic ratings.


A Not Good isn’t necessarily a zero. A not good is mostly an underwhelming album, or an album that doesn’t deserve a rating because of how boring or useless it’s existence is. It may have some elements that put it above a zero as a zero is the lowest common denominator. So a NOT GOOD can be either higher or lower, but it’s impossible to go below zero and into the negatives, literally meaning it’s just an underwhelming album that he takes minimal enjoyment from put there’s something keeping it away from being a zero.

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thanks for clarifying. I was thinking that some not goods are clearly zeros but then I realized that would be too arbitrary.

Yeah probably some NOT GOODs can be higher than a 0. I will say that there have been some pretty underwhelming albums that did not get a NOT GOOD.

Yeah, NOT GOODs might as well be lifeless and iredeemable albums that simply didn’t love up to their hype, or dissapointed him. A. theres no numeric value, and B. its a non binary term so it can be any negative score below 5 and above 0

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